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Financial Information:
•How to make a contribution to ISWFACE:
Our non-profit 501(c)3 organization letter from the IRS
How to view our annual tax reports to the IRS and State of California

Thank you for your interest in our organization. First, you should know that ALL of our staff members work as volunteers. From fund raising activities to webpage design, page layout, graphics, posters, etc.- all work is done by volunteers. In fact, volunteering for us can be considered a contribution, and, if you are a student, you may be eligible to receive class credit for your time. (Ask your professor for more information.)

Your donations go directly toward operating expenses, computer equipment, software and our art projects, printing and mailing out the material we have put together. This material is part of our educational outreach program. You can find all the material on our sister site at website. Please feel free to link to our site, to download and print out the documents, posters, research material we have posted for your use.

Because we are a non profit 501 (c) 3 organization, we can offer you a tax deduction and upon receipt of your contribution, we will send you a letter for your tax preparer.

Donations can be any size, from $5 to whatever - all will be most appreciated and you can continue to visit our site to see the progress we are making.

You can also donate to us by making ISWFACE your choice of 'charitable' organizations whenever you make a purchase on We are a recognized charitable organization that they put on their list. We did not contact THEM, they contacted us!  Go to their charity page and select us as your choice so that every time you make a purchase, a small amount will be donated to us. Every little bit helps! When our operating budget  is so small to begin with, adding $5 or $10 makes a big difference. It adds up, when many purchases are made!

Please make checks payable to :


mail to:

8801 Cedros Ave. # 7
Panorama City, CA 91402 USA

TO MAKE A DONATION THROUGH PAYPAL: (Funds donated through this link go directly to ISWFACE, however, for our records, please note on your donation that you are making a contribution to ISWFACE)

Return to front page for link to Paypal

Click here to see a copy of our tax ID letter from the IRS. We obtained our permanent status as a 501(c)3 organization in 2002. If you would like to see our annual tax reports and files, you may make an appointment to visit our office Monday through Friday, 10 am to 5 pm. An appointment is necessary at least two weeks in advance; or you can go to any of the online databases which post the 990s for all charitable organizations. While you are there, be sure to see what the anti- prostitution 'faith based' non profits  receive- and check out their salaries...

If you are interested in becoming a member, please see the HOW TO BECOME A MEMBER link.


Glad you asked! Indeed there is - we can use your gift of:

* frequent flyer mileage (to allow sex worker activists to attend conferences and events which they would otherwise be unable to attend)
* (open dated) transportation discounts and special offer valid around the world - again, sex worker activists need to be able to attend conferences which deal with our issues. Donations of this kind enables us to provide sex workers with these donations and gives them the opportunity to attend and participate.
* hotel accommodation discounts (see above)
* computer software upgrades (we must be able to register it, so no pirated or copies of software)
* books on the sex industry and related information- for our ever expanding library - and anyone in the LA area is welcome to make an appointment to visit the library and use the material we have gathered through the nearly 33 years of NJ's activism and acquisition of books and articles!
Contact Norma Jean by emailing her at normajeanalmodovar [at] or call the office Skype phone: 
(818) 924-2776
* How about volunteering a few hours or more to help us keep our library database updated and other work we need to get done... If you are in LA (Valley area), PLEASE come spend some time with us working on the library and documents which need to be shared with the world! We even provide snacks and beverages! Use the number and email address above to contact Norma Jean and let her know what hours you can donate to us! We have a variety of projects for you to work on, if you get bored with the one  on which we are currently focusing!
You don't need any skills other than being able to read, sort, access the internet (we have plenty of laptops to accommodate at least three volunteers at a time). If you have skills in the following software (Mac versions), we can definitely find plenty of work for you to do!
            •Adobe Photoshop and the creative suite CS6
            •scanning documents, turning them into pdfs, uploading to our website
            •Quark express (page layout program)
            •Adobe Acrobat Pro
            •Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier
            •Writing press releases
            •internet research
WARNING- we have cats, so if you are allergic to cats, please let us know in advance so we can put our pussies away...

Want to see our library? Click here!


Why should you send your money to US instead of all those other terrific, worthy, non-profit causes out there which mail you endless streams of letters begging, pleading for your hard earned cash?

We are offering you an opportunity to make a tax deductible contribution to the first non-profit and most unique art organization in the United States created by sex workers to benefit artistic/ creative sex workers internationally.

We've shown you only a few examples of the art and culture by and of sex workers, past and present. You know that there are many, many incredibly talented men and women around the world who also happen to be in sex work of some sort.

We know that you have questions about where the money goes and we don't expect you to send us a gift until we give you some answers.

Feel free to give us a call, write us or email us if you have any questions which aren't answered here. CONTACT US


Our general daily mailing expenses are enormous. We ship our research material to the media and politicians, as well as to sex worker activists to use at local events in their cities.


We  purchased our own server computer, due to the possibility of being 'kicked' off a server which may have disliked the content of the material we post. We have a webmaster who ensures that we are not hacked, and that our security software is up to date. Our server hosts this and our other websites such as COYOTE LA and


We have purchased printing equipment and will need to purchase more color printers that will enable us to reproduce the beautiful art work sent to us by sex workers, so that we can design a line of products to sell and become self- sufficient (See Becoming Self Sufficient)
If you have visited our other site- the site- you will see the research material that we put together and which we print out and mail to those who influence legislation, as well as to the media. It is very expensive to print in color and to put together these professional looking books, but we believe it is important because we must grab the attention of politicians and the media and our work must 'compete' with organizations like the Polaris Project who get funding from the government and major donors to the tune of millions of dollars each year. They have the money to create professional looking documents- despite the fact that their documents are filled with fabrications and complete falsehoods.


We have so much information to post on our web site as well as to scan, we need state of the art equipment that will allow us to do this as quickly as possible. The equipment that we now have is slow and we are unable to handle the volumes of information that we are receiving and creating. For our web site, we need to use video editing equipment to create the cyberspace library and information center which will allow us to show video and audio interviews online.


Even though we currently do not have any salaried employees, building a foundation like ISWFACE takes an enormous amount of work- it is a full time job. If we are to develop all of the projects that we have proposed, at some point we must hire people who can devote their full attention to doing the best job possible.

While many non-profit organizations spend in excess of 50% of their budget on salaries, we are committed to keeping our salary budget under 25% of the total annual budget. At present, the only persons paid with ISWFACE donations are our accountant and our webmaster. We do reimburse those who participate in our research program, because it requires travel and mailing expenses.


Again, because we are an international organization and our members, field directors and other affiliates come from countries around the world, we need much money for travel expenses. For our cultural exhibit, we hope to sponsor a few of the performance artists who will attend from developing countries.

Additionally, we are hoping to develop our international speakers bureau this coming year, and want to be able to sponsor them to attend conferences and other speaking opportunities. We will need to purchase plane, train and bus tickets plus pay the travel expenses such as meals and hotel accommodations for our speakers.


Office supplies include paper for printing program, reproduction of art work, toner (color and black ink) new drum units for copier, replace worn out parts, etc., envelopes, paperclips- all the usual supplies which are used in the operation of any business.